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CHD Street Therapy is the Ultimate Expression of Human Performance® because it is based on principles that are common to all human beings – we are a self-sufficient system that is specialized, organized, and synchronized. The streets tend to interfere with our synchronicity. This is the gap that science and technology are not addressing.

Human nature is scientific and follows nature’s rhythm. On the other hand, human behavior is relative, and follows whatever environmental forces the body has been exposed to.

Here is a simple experiment I would like you to do. Think of a behavior that you would like to change, say smoking or eating in excess. Now, follow you body’s natural blueprint for homeostasis – the body’s natural rhythm – and see if you can resist the powerful influence that the streets have imposed on your mind, body, and spirit. If you can do this, then you are the master and the streets are your slave. Otherwise, if you have difficulty doing this, the streets just may have you hooked. I teach you how to remove the street influence. As a result, you automatically matriculate to a higher level of consciousness.

Again, we are all walking around in one of the most reliable test labs known to science – your body – and it is the ideal model for sophisticated scientific research. However, powerful street influence has a way of experimenting with our highest human possession for its benefit. I show you how to repossess that which is truly yours so that you benefit. 

Before you can grow a bumper crop, you have to clear the field; before you travel across country, you have to make sure there are no road hazards; and before you can achieve academic excellence, you have to clear your mind. A sprinter won’t even make it out of the starting blocks without making a few preliminary observations of the track. And it is the same with human performance - our paths in life must be free of debris, pot holes, and the cracks that some people fall into if we are to invest in our personal best.    

I am an “in your face,” “tell it like it is,” “no nonsense” kind of guy who shoots from the hip. No fluff, just down to earth, authentic, and realistic stuff. 

I appreciate any comments, referrals, or leads that you can provide for getting the word out to others who may benefit from the passion I have for making a difference in your life and in the lives of others – I care!   
For more information on how you can schedule an interactive speaking engagement, set up a corporate retreat, go on a fun-filled PLAY excursion, learn to incorporate the Power of PLAY in your day, or requests a personal consultation, please contact me, Oliver Rhodes, at the number or e-mail listed below.  Also, you can respond to my site by providing your name, e-mail address, and any comments that you would like to share. 

Bus: 619.987.0559
E-mail: oliver@streetherapy.com
Choice Cuts of Inspiration!

"Our mastery, fate, and predicament are directly related to what we practice day in and day out and how we choose to respond to the circumstances and situations beyond our control."

"In order for there to be passion, there has to be a high level of satisfaction, experiential gratification, and personal and professional transformation. CHD Street Therapy empowers you to transcend the limitations of mind design."

"Why grow old when you can grow young?"
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