Welcome to Corporate Health Dynamics
Are You Overworked and Under PLAYED? 

Welcome to Corporate Health Dynamics (CHD) Street Therapy – where “Performance is at its Best When the Reward is Inherent in the Activity in the Moment!” 

Hi, I am Oliver Rhodes, Playologist, inspirational speaker and a prolific professional with a passion for putting people and professional practitioners on a path of pure potentiality through the Power of Play. I teach you how to play CHD Street Therapy by getting you, your organization or your community excited about developing a Passionate Life of Adventure and Youthfulness 
(P.L.A.Y.™- a dynamic quest for true success! 

CHD Street Therapy is The Ultimate Expression of Human Performance, a consciousness founded on Qualitative Recreation Lifestyle Principles® that unfold into an infinite number of opportunities and possibilities for helping anyone or any organization achieve his, her, or its vision with precision.

CHD Street Therapy goes beyond leadership or wellness programs because passion is central to its dynamics. It is an invigorating scientific methodolog designed for advancing the evolutoin of human potiential in spritual health, healing and prosperity all through the Power of PLAY.

CHD Street Therapy involves an incredible learning experience that will raise your level of consciousness to help you transcend the limitations of mind design and to become more aware of your true nature. My Power of PLAY sessions are fun, exciting and challenging - bliss without the risk! 

CHD Street Therapy’s methodology targets the perfection of the inner self that is necessary for helping you, your employees, and your clients achieve perfect health, happiness and organizational effectiveness. 

CHD is the key to our invincibility and Street Therapy is the simple solution to our evolution, making CHD Street Therapy The Ulitmate Expression of Human Performance! 

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The ultimate in one-on-one or group real-time Power of PLAY sessions, especially when you need them the most. Personal phone session or face-to-face, any time or any place. I perform wherever there is a platform to inform - with passion!

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"We were impressed!! The response from our 7 offices was enthusiastic about your presentation at our annual Health Enhancement Day. Thank you for your advance research so that you truly knew who was in your audience. It was apparent that you took the time to understand our Mission Statement, as well as the type of work for which our staff is responsible. It was apparent to me on the day that we interviewed prospective speakers that you were the man for the job….and you proved me right!! Thanks so much for your highly motivational presentation that perfectly fit our event!"

Donna G. Brown, Regional Trainer
Health and Human Services Agency

An Inconvenient Truth

This may come as a shock to you, but there is absolutly nothing wrong with human beings - it's the Streets. We are self-sufficient systems that are specialized, organized, and synchronized. Let’s stop putting our health, happiness, and prosperity at risk. CHD is the key to our invincibility and a sure cure to procure. God doesn’t make mistakes; He makes things great! He made us in His image which means we should have His genes - contemplate to be great!

- Oliver Rhodes
Why CHD Street Therapy is the Ultimate Expression of Human Performance:

  • Advances the evolution of leadership potential.
  • Teaches you how to transcend the limitations of mind design.
  • Significantly enhances the human spirit in the workplace and during PLAY!
  • Helps you master the dynamics of inner wisdom.
  • Shows you how to harness the awesome power from the infamous streets.
  • Puts you on a spiritual path of pure potentiality.
  • Empowers you to experience the dynamics of your true nature.
  • Makes you priority one when it comes to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • Reveals how CHD Street Therapy is to spiritual health and healing as warp drive is to space travel.
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Human beings were not design to get sick; we were design to achieve an incredible level of spiritual well-being that goes far beyond the absence of an illness. 

I am a healthy, vibrant and passionate "young" man who have not experienced one sniffle for more than 30 years. I am not unique. We all have the capability to live young well beyond our hundredth birthday. And you can do the same.

Let me show you, your organization, and your family members how we can all develop a PLAY and start living according to our spiritual heritage - aligning our mind with our spiritual design.

Let me share with you this great secret: You are walking around in one of the most reliable test labs know to science - your body - and it can be authenticated as the ideal model for sophisticated scientific research. 

As your Playologist, I will show you how to "Harness the Power," feel the heal and experience the dynamics of your true nature!

I encourage you to take the challenge and start living your life with passion and begin experiencing the clarity in spiritual health, healing and prosperity. 

Why is CHD Street Therapy the ultimate expression of human performance? We all share the same mainframe and together we can promote real change!

Have Speaker Will Travel
I am available to speak, train, and facilitate some of the most dynamic, exhilarating and fun-filled presentations for your organization.

Designed with your organization in mind, I am confident that my sessions will be highly productive and significantly cost effective.