Join the "PLAY" Revolution
Hello, my name is Oliver Rhodes and I am a Certified CHD Playologist. I am also a man with a passion for living and teaching others how to live a “Passionate Life of Adventure and Youthfulness” ™ (PLAY) playing the biggest game in town, hands down. That game is Corporate Health Dynamics (CHD) Street Therapy. This game is the most fun, exciting and challenging endeavor ever!

CHD Street Therapy is a God inspired, scientific methodology, fully operational with implications for universal application. The game has an app for everything and serves as a source for fun that leads to a force of one with God. The CHD Street Therapy game plan stands as a PLAY revolution for advancing the evolution of every personal, professional and spiritual development program imaginable.

I started this PLAY revolution as the simple solution for empowering anyone or any organization to achieve his, her or its vision with precision all through the power of PLAY. This PLAY revolution also serves as a “pay” revolution for employing anyone who aspires to acquire what he or she desires and to become a part of a worldwide institution (Corporate Health Dynamics University) bigger than him or herself.

The question that I would like to ask you all is, “Do you have a vision?" and most importantly, "Do you have a passion to play?” Passion is what drives our behavior in the direction of a burning desire (vision) that leads to our measures of pleasure in life. The question now becomes, “What’s your pleasure?” Are you enjoying an everyday measure of un-adult-erated pleasure?

If you are game, I would love to have you as a team player and join me in this PLAY revolution for advancing the evolution of human potential in every aspect of our lives. Listed below are a number of PLAY benefits that you will learn to thoroughly enjoy as a Certified CHD Playologist:
"We were impressed!! The response from our 7 offices was enthusiastic about your presentation at our annual Health Enhancement Day. Thank you for your advance research so that you truly knew who was in your audience. It was apparent that you took the time to understand our Mission Statement, as well as the type of work for which our staff is responsible. It was apparent to me on the day that we interviewed prospective speakers that you were the man for the job….and you proved me right!! Thanks so much for your highly motivational presentation that perfectly fit our event!"

Donna G. Brown, Regional Trainer
Health and Human Services Agency

An Inconvenient Truth

This may come as a shock to you, but there is absolutly nothing wrong with human beings - it's the Streets. We are self-sufficient systems that are specialized, organized, and synchronized. Let’s stop putting our health, happiness, and prosperity at risk. CHD is the key to our invincibility and a sure cure to procure. God doesn’t make mistakes; He makes things great! He made us in His image which means we should have His genes - contemplate to be great!

- Oliver Rhodes
        Why CHD Street Therapy is the Ultimate                 Expression of Human Performance:

  • Advances the evolution of human potential.
  • Teaches you how to transcend the limitations of mind design.
  • Significantly enhances the human spirit in the workplace and during PLAY!
  • Helps you master the dynamics of inner wisdom.
  • Shows you how to harness the awesome power from the infamous streets.
  • Puts you on a spiritual path of pure potentiality.
  • Empowers you to experience the dynamics of your true nature.
  • Makes you priority one when it comes to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • Reveals how CHD Street Therapy is to spiritual health and healing as warp drive is to space travel.
HomeMissionAboutWhy the StreetsCHD LibraryFee ScheduleStore

HomeMissionAboutWhy the StreetsCHD LibraryFee ScheduleStore

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The Power of PLAY
  • ​Equal partnership
  • CHD Degree Program
  • Access to the CHD Library
  • ​Earn pay the more you live a PLAY
  • Lifetime career opportunities
  • Incredible level of spiritual wellbeing
  • ​CHD company ownership
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Travel
  • ​Networking
  • Conference meetings
  • CHD T-Shirts/business cards 
If you feel compelled to become a part of this Worldwide Institution Centered on Playology, I welcome you and applaud your decision to make a difference in a world that comes together in the spirit of PLAY instead of the atrocities of dismay.  

​God is happiest when His children are at play. In order to make a better future for our children we, as a people, could do more to honor our young by setting the example and learning how to embrace a common grace like CHD Street Therapy in your face.

I have spent my entire life teaching others how to master the dynamics of inner wisdom all through the power of PLAY. Join me in this PLAY revolution by first checking out the incredible resources in the Corporate Health Dynamics Library. The CHD Library offers a wealth of knowledge based on 40 years of personal, professional and spiritual experience, and it is where you will find the "Play Revolution" game plan. 

Please feel free to enjoy these resources any way you choose as long as your intentions are therapeutic. If you are not ready to join the revolution at this time, I hope that you will find it in your heart to make a generous donation towards this lifetime mission for advancing the evolution of human potential in every aspect of our lives, all through the power of PLAY. Then call me to schedule your free one hour "Power of Play" session.  

To find our more how to sign on to get your game on send me a message or call: 619.987.0559
Bringing our Spirits Home through 
the Power of Play

It is not our bodies that are homeless; it is our spirits. The body is just a place that the spirit calls home and without our spirits comfortably housed within our precious spiritual bodies we, as a society, become spiritually impoverished. As a people, it is our responsibility to bring our spirits home where they belong, and not left to roam out here on the Streets where they may become incomplete. Please, won't you help reunite our spirits with that which is complete, the Almighty Elite (God), housed within the CHD model. We can do this more efficiently by way of the Power of Play. In doing so, we automatically matriculate to higher levels of spiritual consciousness.  

Thank you so very much.
Power of Play Music Video​

Please enjoy the "Power of Play Music Video" to the right and share this with your family, friends and neighbors! I am 71-one years young. I strive to live a Passionate Life of Adventure and Youthfulness™ (PLAY), and to teach others how to do the same - enjoy!