What People Say About Oliver Rhodes
Oliver Rhodes is a dynamic motivational speaker, author and healthy living enthusiast who has a passion for getting people excited about reaching their full potential. He is the creator of Corporate Health Dynamics, which he refers to as the "Ultimate Expression of Human Performance." CHD was designed with the human being in mind for the purpose of taking control of his or her own destiny and for promoting, encouraging, and inspiring professional development and personal mastery. 
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Referred to by many as a very creative speaker, 
Oliver specializes in high powered presentations 
that are fun, exciting, fascinating and captivating. 
His message is clear and simple, “if you can 
breathe, you can achieve,” and his passion to 
inspire others towards reaching and living their 
dreams is strong, authentic and powerfully 
convincing. His methods work and they can be 
applied to any endeavor, be it industry, education, 
commerce or one’s own personal aspirations.  

Oliver has made a lifetime commitment to making a difference in the lives of others by sharing his passion for exploring the dynamics of inner wisdom. He follows a path that enriches the soul, frees the mind and bonds the hearts of all whom he meets. He travels throughout the world speaking and inspiring others towards positive lifestyle change, personal and professional development, and spiritual health and healing. He totals over thirty years experience in promoting personal and cultural harmony. 

Oliver’s favorite prop is the Hula Hoop, which he refers to as the “circle of life” and he demonstrates how it represents every law in the universe and the secret to achieving life-long health, fulfillment and spiritual wealth! He is a Certified Street Therapist/Playologist and spends most of his free time in spontaneous play activities and "fun-first” fitness.  

After serving over twenty-one years in the U.S. Navy, Oliver spent fifteen years as a member of Toastmasters International, winning many speaking awards. He has a Bachelors degree in Recreation Administration from San Diego State University, a Masters degree from Walden University and a CHD in Playology from CHDU. A CHD is an advanced degree because it advances the evolution of human and spiritual potential in every aspect of our lives. 

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CHD Street Therapy is an incredible methodology and a breakthrough in cutting edge leadership dynamics and organizational performance based on spiritual values, honorable intensions and moral principles. Street Therapy is complete therapy and the simple solution to our evolution. Corporate Health is whole health and the key to our invincibility, making that which is often dormant (our spirits), revive and vigorously strive as the ultimate expression of human performance. 

My purpose for this rendition of “my story my glory” is to share this breakthrough with you. Everyday people acquire about this methodology by asking, “What is Street Therapy?” Individuals from all walks of life, community groups and organizations have already expressed an interest in learning more about CHD Street Therapy, how it came about and how they can become a CHD Street Therapy Team Player devoted to advancing the evolution of human potential – the gap that science and technology refuses to tap. 

After serving more than 21-years in the U.S. Navy, I attended San Diego State University and received my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Recreation Administration with emphasis in therapy. My passion, during my 13-year career as Director of Recreation Therapy in several hospitals and numerous organizations, led to an incredible number of breakthroughs in the dynamics of spiritual health, healing and prosperity.  

Sadly, my enthusiasm for getting people excited about taking better care of their health and living to their full potential did not fit many profit-based institutions’ core values or the medical models’ major objective of providing pills for whatever your ills. My passion was to tap into the heart and soul of every human being who sought meaning and understanding of the dynamics (D) for building a healthy (H) corporation (C) from the inside out through the therapeutic process of play. Thus, DHC became CHD – Corporate Health Dynamics. 

After several unsuccessful years of working to convince the medical establishments to transition from “health scare” to “self care” – the real change in “health care,” I left the medical field and other organizations that refused to empower their constituents in values-based therapy. So I took my passion to the Streets – a populous metropolis for testing my hypothesis: Get the therapy and experience the clarity in spirit health, healing and prosperity. Thus began my prolific profession as a Certified Playologist for putting people and professional practitioners on a path of pure potentiality all through the Power of PLAY!

My Story - My Glory